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Audio for motion graphics

We perceive work on audio for motion graphics as a separate type of sound design. And although technically such projects don’t differ a lot from scoring for the games or regular commercials, the approach to them is entirely different.


Animated graphics are, in fact, a concentrated thought, idea, message. Therefore, the audio for it should be «concentrated» as well. Every sound and every note should stand in its place, be functional, and reveal the general message.

Sound effects for motion graphics should be primarily informative. Each SFX should «revive» the picture, convey the fundamental idea, and make the viewer believe.

Music in such projects becomes only one of the many elements of sound design. Its main task is to provide the desired mood and emotion for the viewer. It needs to grab the attention and emphasize all the nuances of the picture.

Our approach

We believe that when working with projects with motion graphics, the most important thing is to understand the general concept initially. Thanks to that, we create audio that complements the video with all necessary information and emotions; and forms the correct impression of the graphics or product itself.

You can listen to some of our works below.

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