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Jing! Jing!

Jing! Jing!

  • Category:
    • gamedev
  • Service:
    • music composing,
    • sound design
  • Genre:
    • arcade
  • Platform:
    • iOS
  • Developer:
    • Fast Tap
  • Work on the project:
    • Vlad Plotnikov

Got exhausted from bustle? Then you urgently need to play Jing! Jing! and relax. Colorful timekiller in endless game mode with simple and clear rules.

Tap the screen, hold the ball on the field, break the “bricks” and bonus elements, get stars, and compete with friends. New records are waiting for you to set them!

Download the iOS app here.

Sound concept

The soundtrack for the game Jing! Jing! is balancing on the fine line between background and emotionally involving music. On the one hand, it should support the player during the process, add notes of fun and enthusiasm. Still, on the other, it should not cross the line and become too annoying because the game can last forever.

For a relaxing and cheerful sounding composition, Vlad chose an acoustic guitar, tambourine, and various synths. The main inspiration for creating music was the soundtrack to the game Two Dots.

In Jing! Jing! you can play on three different maps, and each has its elements. Therefore, for the project, Vlad has developed three different sound design concepts. And for them to sound good within one game, each sound was initially combined with the main musical theme.

Many sounds for the game were created using foley recordings.


If everything went relatively smoothly with the soundtrack, for creating the right sound design, it was needed to work hard. The fact is that in a game on the screen at the same time, many actions can take place, and each of them sounds differently. It was crucial to avoid a possible “mess” of sounds.

To do this, Vlad made each effect neat, accented, and short, while ensuring that all of them sound harmoniously overlapped and do not interfere with background music.


You can listen to the soundtrack for the game Jing! Jing! below:

You can check the sound design by watching the video:

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