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  • Category:
    • gamedev
  • Service:
    • music composing,
    • sound design,
    • voice casting
  • Genre:
    • social game
  • Platform:
    • Web
  • Developer:
    • Evoplay Entertainment
  • Work on the project:
    • Vlad Plotnikov,
    • Oleksandr Falinski

Do you want to immerse yourself in the dark atmosphere of the Warlock rituals? There is nothing easier! VR helmet and the phone will transport you to the crypt where the Necromancer invokes the hordes, honing his skills.

If you like slot games, then Necromancer will pleasantly surprise you with its gameplay mechanics, interface design, and full implementation of the VR format.
You can try the game here.

Sound concept

The soundtrack for Necromancer perfectly complements the overall concept of a dark and frightening dungeon. The sound of the gothic organ and the contrasting glockenspiel (xylophone) create an oppressive and disturbing atmosphere.

The music as a whole is not too dynamic, but it can not be called “just background” music. Its main task is to engage the player in the process, to prevent him from being distracted and bored.

The inspiration was the soundtrack for the Interstellar movie. Perhaps because of the organ, but this is not 100% sure. 🙂


In this project, the most challenging moment for us was the stage of the search for a style of music. Initially, the developer wanted us to do just dark ambient for the background. But after several attempts, we realized that such music does not sufficiently engage the player in the process. Therefore, we decided to experiment, and as a result, the sound turned out to be more composite.


You can listen to the full soundtrack for Necromancer below:

You can see how the track sounds with the picture in the game trailer:

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