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RAM Pressure

RAM Pressure

  • Category:
    • gamedev
  • Service:
    • voice casting
  • Genre:
    • MMO
  • Platform:
    • Mac OS,
    • PC
  • Developer:
    • GDT,
    • QuadCom Interactive
  • Work on the project:
    • Vlad Plotnikov,
    • Mariia Marchenko,
    • Ruslana Kruchek

RAM Pressure is a tactical story-driven multiplayer game in the sci-fi setting.

Actions in the game take place in our time. Due to an unusual meteorite storm, mysterious artifacts such as damaged ships and pieces of space bases of an unknown civilization have fallen on Earth.

World governments are hiding the truth from the population and sending elite mercenary squads to the sites of the fallen «meteorites.«They say they want to avoid panic. But the reality is that they are doing everything to win the race and get to alien technology first.

You have to become the commander of one of these private military units. You will explore the alien crash sites around the world and deliver weapons, technologies, and data to paying governments. But as the plot develops, you will reveal the truth about government conspiracies and find out what real danger hangs over humanity.

You can download the game here.

Work on project

RAM Pressure was the most significant and most prolonged voiceover project we worked on in 2019–2020. For it, we conducted a full casting, and thanks to it, we were even able to replenish our voice acting squad.

This project has an exciting feature: at the start, a player can choose not only a character but also his personality. For us, this meant that some of the phrases the actors recorded in several variations, with different intonations.

For RAM Pressure, we voiced all the characters in the game, including the NPC. The requirements for each of them were very clearly defined — this greatly simplified the whole process of work (we rarely encounter such a detailed and structured technical task!).


The scope of work can easily be considered this project’s main challenge, but that would be too obvious.

Although our team showed the wonders of management in this work, the main challenge for us was the optimization of the budget.

In order not to inflate the amount of money that the client had to pay, we’ve initially cast actors very carefully. We selected talents so that one performer could voice several roles at once. It allowed us to reduce the time and financial costs of the project at least in half.


You can watch a video with the gameplay and hear some of the phrases recorded by our voice actors below:

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