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Vyshivankovyy festival

Vyshivankovyy festival

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    • Vlad Plotnikov

«Vyshivankovyy festival» is an annual celebration of Independence Day of Ukraine, which takes place in Odesa, since 2009. It is one of the most significant events in Odessa, not counting City Day and Humorina.

The festival unites people who love Ukraine and provides them an opportunity to plunge into its culture, traditions, and modernity. The organizers are Odessa proactive youth, and every year they prepare something new and exciting. A fair of Ukrainian masters, performances by local Ukrainian performers, and patriotic actions of raising the flag and a live chain in embroidered dresses always remain traditional.

Sound concept

In 2018, for the tenth anniversary of VyshFest, the organizers decided that the time had come when the festival needed its anthem. So Vlad has helped them with it.

The sound of the anthem builds on ethnic instruments that symbolize Ukrainian culture, the very core of the festival. There is a dash of rock music in the hymn that references to the festival’s traditional concert program, mostly represented by local rock bands. We also added the orchestra in the arrangement to bring scale and a bit of officialism to the track, so it still sounds like an anthem.

The composition itself is dynamic. It fully reflects the essence of the people who are associated with the festival. They are energetic, full of strength, ideas, and love.


Usually, for projects where you need to create audio branding, the most challenging thing is to correctly reflect the general spirit and values ​​of the organization or product. But in the case of VyshFest, everything was somewhat different.

Yes, it was important for music to express the essence of the festival and the people it unites. But it was also essential to create an anthem that these people would like.

So it was necessary to find a balance between the values ​​of the festival and the organizers themselves. Often this can be difficult to do because of the preferences and subjective attitude of the team.

But not in our case. The final anthem does not just reflect everything that the Vyshivankovyy festival is; it is also now on the organizers’ ringtones and alarms. 🙂

Also, our small personal challenge was to do a few small interviews about cooperation with the festival. You can read one of them here, and watch below:


You can listen to the official anthem of the Vyshivankovyy festival and the ambient for the fair zone below:

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