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About us

It all started with…

Vlad Plotnikov and his desire to turn his favorite pastime into work.

He was always a musician: the first concert on a broom at three years old, a music school instead of football, endless solfeggio lessons, and a youthful rock riot, which later became the Total-Empty. And although Vlad received his higher education in a completely different field, he still did not go for a «serious» and stable job. At the decisive moment, he chose the music.

Initially, VP Production was one person who created music and sound effects, mixed, mastered, implemented sound, communicated with customers, and dealt with taxes. Naturally, after a short time, it became apparent: cool things could be done only with cool people. And so began the path of our company.

Now VP Production is a team where everyone loves his or her job. Whether it is music composing, sound design, voice acting, project management, or marketing — we cannot imagine our lives without it. That is why every day we inspire listeners on both sides of audiovisual projects and enjoy it.

VP Production

Audio team

We primarily help, not sell.

We work on projects when we match with a client in the vision and principles of work.

We improve everything that can be improved, even if the result is already paid for and accepted.

Our services


We are partners of our clients. It is the success of your specific project that is important to us, and not endless samey-same work.
We look more in-depth than the technical task and ask many questions so that the final sound works for your audience.
For four years of work, we have broken zero deadlines. This describes our team and managers in the best way.
Thanks to the Digilaw contract, you will gain control over the process and the necessary rights to the result of the work.
Millions of people have already listened to our work, and many of them were satisfied. You can check this here.
How about a free consultation or a cool ? We are always open to communication, so feel free to email us.

Using audio, we inspire listeners on both sides of media projects to live new experiences and discover their creative potential.

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Tell us about your project, product, or idea. Ask for advice, or get a full free consultation. Find out the cost, specify a vital question, or maybe you want to become part of our team? Anything you want! We will be happy to get to know you and help.

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