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We love music mostly because of its potential.

After all, this is the most potent form of art if we compare them all by their emotional impact. Do you know how one song can entirely change your mood?

Just a couple of notes, the correct rhythmic pattern, and a person is now ready for great deals. And then you slightly change the arrangement, and the very same person is now suddenly all in sad memories. It fascinates and captures us, and makes us do what we do every day. Listen, study and, ultimately, compose music.

What are we doing?

We compose soundtracks and create music for:

Brands and commercials
Brands and commercials
Animated films/cartoons
Animated films/cartoons

We also create music for motion graphics, but it relates more to sound design so that you can read about it here.

We do not compose backing tracks and songs for corporate parties. But we do write corporate anthems — you can read more about it here.

Our Best Soundtracks

What is the process like?

Over the past few years, we have developed a simple framework for cooperation. So that at each stage, you will understand what is happening, and you will have control over the process. And at the same time, we can create precisely the music that your project needs.

There are only six stages:

Our offers

Apart from an easy-to-understand cooperation framework, we also developed some easy-to-understand music composing packages. We analyzed the experience of previous projects and clients' reviews. We realized that this would be a much easier way for you to choose the suitable option for your project.

Our approach

Many people consider the music composing to be something incomprehensible and mysterious. Some people think that the whole thing is solely in technology and proper methodology. It seems to us that, over the years of practice, we have finally come closer to understanding how everything works.
There is such a thing as pure inspiration. This state is familiar to everyone. It feels like someone else creates something cool with your hands: a song, a picture, a poem, or something else. An incredible and rare experience, clearly not suitable for work. :)
Another thing is a methodical approach. You take all the accumulated theoretical knowledge and transform it into a piece of music. Obviously, according to all the rules and techniques. Reliable and… boring. Such music does not catch your attention because, most often, this approach is initially devoid of emotion.
We found a balance. It's all about the «planning» of inspiration.
When we begin to work on a project, we find out as much as possible about it. We learn about its atmosphere, mood, message. We study the target audience and its interests. We even ask about the client's thoughts on the product. The more information we gather, the better it will transform into the idea and emotion of the soundtrack inside the composer's subconscious mind.
And after that, it is a matter of technology. We take the «core» and build the rest of the composition around it.
Creatively and reliably.

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Write to us

Tell us about your project, product, or idea. Ask for advice, or get a full free consultation. Find out the cost, specify a vital question, well anything you want! We will be happy to get to know you and help.

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