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If music is art, then the sound is a way of transmitting information in the first place.

Moreover, it’s one of the oldest ones. But this does not mean that music is only emotional, and sound is only informative. A short sound indeed can be emotional and directly affect a person’s emotions, just like music does.

Whether we want it or not, an alarming sound will make us wary. And for this kind of thing, we love sound design. For how it transforms any picture, adds life to it, helps the viewer to believe what is happening. Magic itself!

What are we doing?

We create:

Sound effects for audiovisual projects
Sound effects for audiovisual projects
Sound design for motion graphics
Sound design for motion graphics
Sound design of the space (quest rooms, installations)
Sound design of the space (quest rooms, installations)

We carefully synthesize, record, and process the sounds so that they suit your project and fulfill their function.

We also create atmospheric ambients and easily turn music into one of the elements of sound design. The latter is relevant for motion design when music and sounds intertwine and complement each other so that the picture looks as cool as possible.

Our works

What is the process like?

Over the past few years, we have developed a simple framework for cooperation. So that at each stage, you will understand what is happening, and you will have control over the process. And at the same time, we can create the right sound design for your project.

There are only six stages:

At the end of each project, we carefully listen to how everything sounds and works together. If necessary, we adjust the volume, attenuation, and other aspects, or tell you how to do it yourself.


The total cost of the project depends on the scope of work.

For all sound effects and ambients, we have a fixed price that is multiplied by the amount you need for your project. Implementation, if necessary, is calculated separately.

As for motion graphic videos’ sound design, the cost is calculated differently: here, the complexity of the picture and the duration of the video are taken into account.

Please email us to find out the exact cost of sound design for your specific project.

Our approach

We consider sound design to be functional art, a space for searching and experimenting, and a crucial part of any media project. We approach the creation of music with «all our heart», but the sound design we approach with pragmatism and imagination.
For us, it is essential to make each element sound in such a way so that the listener does not have doubts that this is a «native» sound. We create each effect with the thought of the feelings that it should evoke in a person.
Will sound stress out the listener? Or will it make him or her feel relieved? Or warn about something? We think through every detail, especially how all sounds will sound together. How will they interact with each other and with the general background: ambient or music.
For game projects, we implement sounds using Wwise and Fmod so that together, we will be sure in the final sound. We adjust the volume, the number of simultaneous reproductions, randomization, the variability of assets, and other essential aspects.

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Tell us about your project, product, or idea. Ask for advice, or get a full free consultation. Find out the cost, specify a vital question, well anything you want! We will be happy to get to know you and help.

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