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PlayUA is a modern Ukrainian entertainment internet edition. They write about games, film industry, comics, technologies, and pop culture in general. Main formats are reviews, analytical articles, author columns, interviews, and reports from the most interesting thematic events.

Just at one of these events, Vlad has met the guys and even given them a short interview. Later, behind the scenes, they talked about the fact that the YouTube channel of the edition lacked an audio identity. So everything turned into cooperation.

Sound concept

Vlad started his work on the project with an image track. It was evident that its sound should reflect the activities of PlayUA and, in general, enhance the brand image. Also, the track was supposed to suit the target audience of the edition.

Almost immediately, Vlad combined several music genres: rock, electronic, orchestral music, and Ukrainian ethnic music. He made the track at a fast pace, very energetic — to emphasize the young age of the target audience.

By the way, precisely because of the musical preferences of the target audience, electronic and even dance sounding became the basis of the entire arrangement. Live, electric rock guitars added the necessary energy to the track.

Sounds of bandura and reed pipe refer to the fact that the brand is genuinely Ukrainian. The elements of the symphony orchestra are a tribute to the cult orchestral soundtracks from the game and cinema industry.


The very idea of ​​combining a diverse audience of the edition and the search for the «highlight» that unites them all was the main challenge of the project.


In collaboration with PlayUA, we’ve created these elements of audio identity:

  • full-length image track «Live, Create, Play»
  • audio logo
  • Six composition variations for various headings, interruptions and video formats

You can listen to the track and audio logo below:

And you can see a complete presentation and look into the backstage of the creative process here:

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