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For people who create sound, we are too fascinated by marketing.

We see it as a modern art form, very sophisticated, and truly functional. And we love to create something that is on the verge of pure creativity and functionality, so we started to develop audio branding.

The potential of sound is often not fully utilized to support brands, and we want to change that. After all, the right audio brand helps to build the necessary associations within the consumers’ minds and strengthens their connection with the product or company. It will become what makes a person instantly recognize your brand, even if he or she has not yet seen it.

What are we doing?

We create:

Audio strategies for brands
Audio strategies for brands
Audio logos and jingles
Audio logos and jingles
Audio advertising and brand music
Audio advertising and brand music
Sound identity for the apps
Sound identity for the apps
Other audio contact points with a customer
Other audio contact points with a customer

Each audio brand is unique, as is the brand itself. Each business has its own needs, and there is no universal formula and composition of the audio brand. Therefore, for each project, we create a personal strategy and a set of elements depending on which tasks need to be solved.

Our works

What is the process like?

Over the past few years, we have developed a simple framework for cooperation. So that at each stage, you will understand what is happening, and you will have control over the process. And at the same time, we can create the right sound for your brand.

There are only six stages:


The cost of developing an audio brand depends on the set of elements that you need to get as a result. Email us and tell about your brand and its needs, and we will notify you of what needs to be done and how much it costs.

Our approach

We consider creating a unique sound for your brand and making it as informative as possible our main task. We aim to fit the whole brand’s essence into the sound and correctly direct it to influence the emotions of your consumer the way you need it.
We think about not only how, but where and when your brand will sound. We first develop audio DNA, a central music theme that reflects the ideology and distinctive features of the brand. It defines what all other audio brand elements will sound like, meaning audio logo, brand tracks, jingles, app notifications, and so on.
We carefully study your brand, get into the very depths of your marketing kit, and ask many questions. :) And we are always happy if you have your focus group or the ability to conduct tests on the target audience. Thanks to this, we can create the sound you need even more precisely.
We believe that music and sound are art forms, after all, and should go beyond a rigid framework. But we know how to work with them so that you get a potent competitive advantage at the edge of functionality and emotions.

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Write to us

Tell us about your project, product, or idea. Ask for advice, or get a full free consultation. Find out the cost, specify a vital question, well anything you want! We will be happy to get to know you and help.

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