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Carpe Diem Solutions

Carpe Diem Solutions

  • Category:
    • brand,
    • motion design
  • Service:
    • audio branding,
    • music composing,
    • sound design,
    • voice casting
  • Work on the project:
    • Vlad Plotnikov,
    • Artem Baskoev,
    • Ruslana Kruchek

Carpe Diem Solutions is an R&D company that develops professional wearable technologies solutions and devices.

The company is preparing for the launch of the 3D Full-Body Motion Capture Suit product line, which will replace the existing low-performance motion capture and tracking solutions.

This suit will be of interest to animators, game developers, video and film directors, roboticists, and other technology and media industries’ specialists. 

mSuit excels over similar products thanks to precise tracking of movements and position, intuitive and simple use, automatic sensor calibration, as well as its cost. Depending on the configuration, this product will be affordable to both indie developers and bigger players.

Sound concept

Initially, the Carpe Diem Solutions team approached us for sound design for their video presentation, but six months later, they realized that they needed an audio brand.

We carefully studied the CDS marketing strategy and realized that the sound of the brand should reflect its main idea: technology for Human. Also, we had to convey the idea that the brand is ready to form, develop, and maintain the community of its users.

To achieve the right sound, we mixed synths and modern elements that emphasize the company’s technology, added some references to the principal epochs of humanism — antiquity and the Renaissance — using harp, organ, and viola, and complimented everything with female vocals that symbolize openness, humanness, and support.

We wanted to express the idea that Carpe Diem Solutions opens a world of technology that used to be inaccessible and seemed something distant and unattainable to ordinary people. Moreover, while some elements (such as the audio logo) sound simple, there is a kind of «open finale», which symbolizes the space for opportunities that the brand promises.


Well, with audio branding you don’t want to rush, but when your client has important presentations at international conferences ahead, you have to be able to do the impossible.

As you can guess, the main challenge of this project was the timing. We had less than two weeks to create audio DNA, logo, brand track, and the sounds of interaction with the costume.

However, we managed to create everything on time and much thanks to the fact that we already had a trusting relationship with the Carpe Diem Solutions team. It helped to reduce the negotiation stage significantly, and we also had immediate access to all the necessary materials.


During our work on the Carpe Diem Solutions audio brand, we developed such elements as:

  • brand audio DNA;
  • audio logo;
  • sounds of interaction with a suit;
  • brand track that sounds in mSuit commercial;
  • sound design for technical presentation.

You can listen to and watch them below:

And here are the first two videos that started our collaboration with the CDS team:

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