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Fate Hunters

Fate Hunters

  • Category:
    • gamedev
  • Service:
    • music composing,
    • sound design
  • Genre:
    • card battle,
    • roguelike adventure
  • Platform:
    • Mac OS,
    • PC
  • Developer:
    • Tower Games
  • Work on the project:
    • Vlad Plotnikov,
    • Artem Baskoev

Fate Hunters is a hardcore mix of card strategy and roguelike adventure. In this game, you need to explore and conquer the mysterious tower, face fearsome enemies, sacrifice your own life for the sake of unimaginable treasures and, of course, fight the mysterious Master.

You can download the game here.

Sound concept

The main goal of sound design for the Fate Hunters game is to support the overall dark fantasy aesthetics. Therefore, we’ve attempted to make the sound mystical, and sometimes even scary.

Together with the developer, we decided that the main gameplay soundtrack should overwhelmingly immerse the player in the oppressive atmosphere. Ambient appeared to suit the best for this purpose. We made the sound as «viscous» as possible and put some orchestral elements in it that conceptually links this track with the battle theme.

In that theme, the whole sound is orchestral with just a hint of rock. The battle theme was planned to be contrasting, energetic, and able to bring the player out of his trance.

During our work, we’ve found some inspiration in the Bloodborne soundtrack.


A game session in such a game genre can last for a very, very long time. One insufficiently thought-out solution and the soundtrack starts to bother the player right away. We really couldn’t allow something like that to happen.

But we also didn’t want to make the main game theme too background-y. Nevertheless, it should support not only the general atmosphere but also the player himself during the game.

After some time spent in experiments, we finally found the perfect balance, and the result turned out just as it should be.


You can listen to the soundtrack for the game below:

And here you can watch how the music sounds in the context of the gameplay:

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