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Visions is a dance-vocal play based on the drama-extravaganza Forest Song of the Ukrainian writer and poet Lesya Ukrainka. It is also the first play of the Theatrical Experimental Youth Space (TEYS) — a creative Odessa association.

The production offers a fresh look at the classics of Ukrainian drama and asks the unexpected question, «what if?».

Sound concept

We can describe the whole sound concept of Visions in just three words: Ukrainian ethnic and orchestra. But that wouldn’t be interesting. 🙂

Forest Song is a story that is full of mysticism and mythical forest creatures. It is a kind of ode to nature and its beauty. It is the love story of Mavka and the ordinary guy Lukash, which began with the melody of the sopilka. So the choice of ethnic instruments was obvious.

Sopilka, bandura, and cimbalom create the needed emotional mood, help convey the feelings of the main characters, and the emotions that the original script sought to lay. The orchestra, in its turn, «frames» ethnic instruments, adds depth, scale and drama to the sound.


For Vlad, Visions was the first project where he had to set words to music, excluding the last album of Total-Empty. The very task «set the words of Lesya Ukrainka to original music» sounded like a challenge.

But everything has turned not so scary because the poetry of the Forest Song is very melodic itself. Thus the melodies were born almost on their own while playing on an acoustic guitar. Then from these sketches, they’ve scaled to full-fledged compositions with space for vocal parts.


You can listen to all the compositions for the theatrical play Visions below:

You can watch some parts of the play here.

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