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The WeeSee team works to ensure that educational materials for children are interesting and exciting, and the learning process is fun and straightforward. To do this, they’ve created a non-boring AR map of Ukraine. Thanks to it, the child can learn about the main attractions, traditions, and features of our country.

Just open the application and point the camera on the map. It will begin to «come to life» and will tell about everything in Ukrainian or English. You can order the map here.

Sound concept

The main inspiration for the WeeSee app sound was children’s educational games and classic Disney animated movies. Vlad sought to create a background melody that would be understandable for children and at the same time, wouldn’t go into primitivism because adults will also use the map. 🙂

The soundtrack should evoke a sense of adventure, travel, and discovery of new things. Ukrainian ethnic instruments help to get into the traditions of our country even further, and the orchestra helps to make the sound more voluminous.

Vlad has also made the sound effects for the application as vibrant and organic as possible. He designed them to enhance the interactivity of the map and a sense of presence. For example, a wolf that scratches itself with its paw has initially been the sound of Vlad’s beard.


For this project, it was initially necessary to consider how the music, sounds, and voice of the voice actress will interact. They had to sound harmonious and balanced.

Also, almost all sound effects should have sounded good in a loop. Therefore, it was essential to avoid single sharp sounds, so they did not annoy the future user.


You can listen to the soundtrack for the WeeSee app below:

And here is the map in action:

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