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    • gamedev
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    • music composing
  • Genre:
    • point-and-click adventure
  • Platform:
    • Mac OS,
    • PC
  • Developer:
    • Gingertips Game Studio
  • Work on the project:
    • Vlad Plotnikov

FoxTail is a classic point-and-click quest. The developer takes inspiration from the old pixel adventures from the mid-90s and creates an atmospheric and spectacular world. Just like we love it!

The main character of the game is the fox Leah, who goes on a long and challenging journey: through the maze of mines, mountains, swamps, and a dangerous night forest. She has to conquer her fears and help everyone whom she meets in the way.

She will do this for the great noble goal that doesn’t allow her to retreat or surrender.

The game is still in the stage of development, but you can download it and play the first few chapters here.

Sound concept

At the beginning of cooperation, the developer wanted the soundtrack to convey the atmosphere of old pixel games. Therefore, we created the very first sketches of the main theme in this style, inspired by the soundtrack of The Legend of Kyrandia.

But already at the first listening along with the picture, it became clear that the music does not work as it should. Yes, it suited the general concept but did not sufficiently convey the mood of the game and the depth of Leah’s story.

We continued to experiment and, in trying to find the right sound, even managed to get into orchestral music. As a result, we stopped somewhere in the middle. 🙂 The soundtrack to FoxTail includes flute and other woodwind instruments, harp, percussion, and in the main theme, there is even a guitar. But they intentionally do not sound too «lively» for the music to harmonize with the visuals of the game.


When we started work on the project, there already was the music. There was only one chapter published at that time, but it had already managed to win a loyal audience. We understood that as soon as we write the new soundtrack, this will cause at least minimal discontent among the players.

People don’t like changes too much, and that’s ok. Especially since the previous FoxTail soundtrack was pretty good. That is what became the main challenge for us on this project: we needed to write music better than it was before and be ready for an adverse reaction.

In the end, everything turned out more than successful. The audience initially divided in the opinion; however, over time, after the release of the second chapter, there became less and less negative reviews. We even personally saw cases when players changed their minds. 🙂

Later on, the audience liked the soundtrack so much that we started receiving requests for its release. That’s why we released the album with music for the first three chapters. It is available on all streaming platforms, as well as below on this page. You can also download it in the highest quality on Bandcamp and Steam.

This project once again proved to us how important it is to create music that does a little more than just being beautiful and suitable. How important it is to reveal the characters and the story itself with its help. After all, this is what helps to create an emotional attachment for players.


You can listen to the soundtrack to the FoxTail’s first three chapters below:

The gameplay of the first chapter:

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